Monday, April 27, 2009

Like I Friends are amazing!!!!

After I wrote my last post, I txted a couple of my peeps to let them know that I had written about them on my blog!! Well my BFF (can you tell I work in student ministry) txted me back and said "thanks for the shout out on your blog...I wrote a prayer for you this morning on a paver for the prayer garden." ***My BFF also works in student ministry....can you tell...we try to use the "cool" lingo...but I can honestly say...I don't feel any cooler :)

Our church is making a a prayer garden, it looks amazing! They have asked everyone in our church to write prayers on the back of the pavers and then they will permanently lay down all the pavers in the prayer garden!!! How cool!

As soon as she txted me that, I told her I wanted a picture. So when she got back from her BIRTHDAY LUNCH we walked over to the front of the building so I could take a picture.

It says "Gerdes adoption....that their baby comes soon...this week"

I also wanted to post a picture of our changing table that Mimi bought us....and also the gifts that Mel and Jess gave me!!!!

The journey is just easier when you have people to DO LIFE WITH!!! And when you have a cute 5 year old who reminds you how much work children take :)

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