Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not my Plan! But Yours!!

Have you ever planned your whole day...just the way you like it...then out of right field something happens and ALL YOUR plans are thrown by the waste side.

I'm totally there right now. I had it all figured out in my HEAD how our whole entire adoption journey was going to be played out. But God is doing something new and fresh in me...I'm scared to death but I love that HE KNOWS what I can handle.

November is Adoption Awareness Month. I have been challenged this month in my thinking about adoption...James 1:27 is SO clear...look after orphans and widows in their DISTRESS. It doesn't say...look after orphans and widows who are perfect, have it all together, healthy, look like you, smell like you, act like you, same color as you...NO...it says in their DISTRESS care for them. Haven't we all been in distress at some point...and haven't we all desired to be cared for.

I am challenging myself and my heart (and brain) to be more concerned with the orphans and widows than "what I want my family to look like." What will you do...will you care for orphans and widows? What if they are in distress?? Will you still care??

***Obviously I want our child to be healthy...I'm not saying I am not going to continue to pray for our baby to be a healthy child...I just want us to think about the DISTRESS part of that verse.