Monday, April 27, 2009

Friends on the ROAD TRIP!

Okay so if you are gonna adopt....and get on this adoption ROAD TRIP...then you MUST have some supportive friends who DON'T think you are crazy. Well, actually they might THINK you are crazy but they just LOVE you anyways. That's a good friend!

A ROAD TRIP just isn't fun by your self. You need YOUR people to be the VAN...on the journey with you. And wow, I have some of the MOST amazing friends. I am going to try to recap on a couple of them and allow you to see what they have done for me. If you know someone who is adopting then I will give you some tangible things to do for your ROAD TRIP CAPTAIN.

My Husband: prays over me almost nightly for our adoption. His prayers are so sweet and tender! His heart BREAKS over our baby and birthmom and his prayers totally illuminate his heart.

Amy Payne: Oh my goodness....she loves our baby! She has loved our baby since the day I told her we were adopting. She keeps me calm but then at the same time her desire for this precious love to come home soon is priceless. She has helped me in the nursery and now she is just waiting to finish the nursery!!!
Mel Mac: Her txts messages along this road trip are wonderful. Just the other day she txted me to let me know her heart was HEAVY for us and our baby. And she gave me a gift the other day...just in case we got the call. It was diapers, wipes, socks, onesies, and pacifiers. Also, her husband prayed the most amazing prayer a couple of weeks ago at band practice. These two simply help this ROAD TRIP be a little more FUN!
BAF Staff girls and Pastors Wives: These people have been such an encouragement. Most of these women I have been friends with for the past 6 years and they LOVE our family and we LOVE their families. Last week they all prayed over me at our Women in Ministry breakfast and that was such a sweet time. Each prayer they prayed was priceless and just a little more fuel to keep me going. Our Pastors Wives @ BAF are like sisters to me. God has used them in ways that blow my socks off. Anytime I am down or discouraged out of the blue one of them call or txt me an amazing verse or just some words of encouragement. They have stood by me during this time and given me strength when I just wanted to quit. Jess, Ames, Terri, Daph, Les, Lace and April....thank you!!! Thank you for being YOU and loving ME! This ROAD TRIP has been sweeter since you are all traveling with me!

And my mom and dad: Priceless people! If you don't know my parents then you must! They are the most amazing people and the most amazing grandparents. This sweet love has NO IDEA what they are being placed in...they can call weekly and let them know what they want from Target and GG is gonna find a way to get to Corpus!!!!! And my dad well he is a sucker for his grandbabies!!! Just wait....I cant wait to see these two with Nathan and/or Natalie!

Okay so by now you realize that we are all taking this ROAD TRIP in a very LARGE VAN....but I gotta have my peeps in order to survive! Not to mention the wonderful people that I have met along this journey....Molly, Heather, Cindy and Sarah help me understand adoption on the other end of the wait.

Thank you for being on this Road Trip with our family!!!! We hope we have provided you with entertainment over these last 14 months....we hope you haven't been bored!

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Molly said...

Wow girl! This is an amazing post and couldn't be more true. Thank you for constantly reminding us our place in God's family and our role within that.

You are beyond blessed to have such an incredible support system and it's incredible that you see their value. Some people just don't see or appreciate what they have. Thank you for giving glory to God in this LONG process!