Monday, April 6, 2009

If We got the call today...

...then I would first ask Sara or Cindy if they were serious...if they were serious then I would feel my heart jumping out of my chest!!!

I would then call my mom and dad and share the news, then I would call the list of faithful friends and family...Ive already told them that they will NOT find out about us being chosen by a birth mom via email, txt, or facebook!

Then depending upon how far a long our birth mom is and/or if we know the sex of the baby...I would start getting prepared to bring our little bundle of love HOME!!!

I would feel motivated to get the nursery done and I would buy a cute, adorable baby sling (in fact I might do that before we even get the call).

I would honestly be a basket case...but a JOYFUL excited basket case!!! I might even wear a t-shirt around town that says...I am pregnant and due in _____ months! What if it only was two months until our birth mom was due and I am walking around town with a t-shirt that says "I am pregnant and due in 2 months." People would think I was the smallest pregnant lady ever...I was FAT with Jacks so I deserve to feel skinny and pregnant!

I would go get Jackson out of school early to tell him the news! And I would make sure that we video taped it! I want to capture his response.

I would cry, freak out in a good way, shout it from the roof tops, and do my "Praise Ya Jesus Dance." I just cant even explain to you the JOY!!!

**Lord you know we are willing and ready! Could you PLEASE make a miracle happen SOON!!! You oh Lord, will get ALL the GLORY!!!!

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