Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giving Thanks...

I am amazed daily at how beautifully detailed our God is and how passionately He loves His children. Today as I drove home from Natalie's Thanksgiving Feast, my eyes filled with tears because of blessing we have be given. Two Thanksgiving's ago she was still all nestled in her birthmother's womb...and now she is wearing pigtails, wearing adorable gold boots and is SO sassy!!

Words can't express how deeply appreciative I am that God saw fit to have her be placed in our family. He didn't have to bless us with her, His SON is enough of a blessing, but HE did and my heart swells daily due to His provision.

Sweet friend, I don't know what circumstance you are facing...but I do know that God always provides for His children. The holidays we spent without Natalie...don't compare to the holidays we spend with her! Jesus' way is ALWAYS the best! Give thanks right now...Praise Him because He is GOOD and His love ENDURES forever.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Several weeks ago at church Jason preached on "Relational Roots" and how important relationships with other believers are in our spiritual growth. Ever since that sermon I have been reflecting A LOT on my "ROOTS" and the JOY it brings to do LIFE with people who LOVE Jesus and LOVE me, with me returning the same love!

One of the statements Jason made was "get all up in your soil." Meaning that there will be times when one of your relational roots will have to point out something IN YOU that isn't benefiting the Kingdom or yourself. The key is those relationships are built on JESUS, with lots of give and take...with lots of encouragement...with lots of FUN that way when your "root" speaks some TRUTH over your life, you can receive it. Sometimes it will be painful and sometimes it will be freeing...and if we receive it, then it will be beneficial to our spiritual growth.

I'm in a season of life/ministry that is MORE than I could have ever imagined. I am OVERWHELMED DAILY (in a great way) at the amount of ministry God has entrusted to Jason and me. I don't take it lightly, the calling HE has on my life. Ministry can be VERY lonely at times...especially when your husband is the "boss", Lead Pastor. But this is what I know for sure...GOD, in his PERFECT LOVE FOR ME has blessed me with relational roots that I simply am not worthy of, yet he saw fit to give me. These are women who pour their hearts out to God...ON MY BEHALF! They encourage me, love me, hold my arms up when I am too weary to go on, they go to coffee with me and chat about nothing yet its everything, they work out with me (they tell me I need to work out), they shop with me, they watch my kids, they memorize scripture with me (they ask me if I have been in God's word), they worship alongside of me, they call at the right moments, they discern how to minister to my family, they hug me, they go to the movies with me (even movies they would rather not see), they celebrate highs and cry in the lows...they are my roots...they are tangible Jesus' here on earth...and THEY GET ALL UP IN MY SOIL!!!! And then they give me the opportunity to "dig in their soil." We do LIFE together!

I know what you might be thinking, of course you have amazing are in ministry. HA! There have been times over my 12 years of ministry that I have NOT had amazing roots...and in those moments I begged God for TRUE friendships...and over the last several years he has brought a harvest out of those moments of tears! Friendships are priceless. Im thankful MORE today than ever before for the women that God has placed alongside of me to run this Christian race with. I feel honored to call them my "relational roots!"

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The End of School...

This week is the end of school for our 1st grader, Jackson! To say that I am emotional would be an understatement, I have loved his 1st grade year! His teacher is simply priceless and his friends are fantastic. But the main reason I get misty eyed at the end of school is because I reflect back on the day Jackson was placed in my arms...the day I became his mommy! The day God said "Here, this is a gift, teach him well." Jackson is an amazing child, loves life, loves people and loves Jesus. He also has the BEST one liners...and some of the funniest questions.

I wish I could record how he asks questions and makes statements...because his tone is what really cracks me up when he talks...its just SO to the point. **No idea where he gets that??? :)

The other day him and I were at Target and we got drinks from Starbucks, I told him, "Jax, we are on a date together, thanks for spending time with me." He said, "yeah well I'm not enjoying it!" BUT his look on his face said it all...he was totally joking! Love him!

One day we were driving past a local church and he asked me, "Mom, how many services does that church have." I looked on their church sign and then told him they had two services. He said, "well that's just WEIRD!" Jax has only known church to have 4-6 to him a church who only had two services was just weird! **Not to offend any one who attends or is on staff at church with two services...please don't take it the wrong way!

He is just an honest, funny, kind little boy...who LOVES to joke with his momma!

I was at his school this week and a teacher came up to me and said, "Are you Jackson G.'s mom?" I told her yes I was :) She said, "I watch him on the playground and he is always making sure that no one is left out and is always sharing. He is so kind!" Melt my heart!

As we were driving home today from school (2nd to last day), I was listening to Hillsong and silently praying over Jackson. My prayer was this, "Lord, yes I want him to know how to read, to have great Math skills, to be great at Science and History...but LORD please above all else...I want him TO KNOW YOU. I know 2+2=4 is important but your Freedom is Life and I desire him to KNOW you! I love it when he makes an A but Satan shutters when he memorizes your Lord please help me to continue to TEACH him YOUR truth!"

No sooner than I had said "Amen", from the back seat I heard, "Mom, you're lame." I had told him that he couldn't go down to the neighbors house when we got as I was praying for his heart...he was pondering how lame I am! I laughed and said, "um child...I was just praying silently over you" which he smiled and said "thank you!" The kids KNOWS he needs prayer!

Jackson Gray I love you sweet boy! You are a blessing to so many. God's hand is on you, he is with you where ever you go...I'm thankful that Daddy and I have a front row seat to your life journey! We simply want you to LOVE Jesus and walk in his FREEDOM! You are a chosen treasure...and loved dearly :)