Friday, April 17, 2009

14 months

Who would have thought that we would wait for a baby for 14months! Not me! I thought 6-9months at the most...but we are into our 14month. And we are still waiting.

And I am okay with that. Although sometimes I don't "hear" what I want to "hear" or I don't "feel" what I want to "feel". I know HE is STILL teaching and still touching my heart for adoption.

Jason told me today...God is getting ready to give us a HUGE blessing! And I totally agree. Maybe even two babies!!! How great would that be!

So yes...14 months...and still counting! But 14 months and still priceless. And one day when I hold that sweet baby it will be WORTH IT.

By the way...check back soon because Jason is going to do a special post, from the dad's point of view on adoption. Get the word out to your blogging adoption buddies!

1 comment:

Molly said...

He is so right...God is getting ready to bless your socks off!

So proud of how you are letting this process teach you and for glorifying Him in every step instead of focusing on what you thought would happen.

Can't wait to hear what Jason says...what a great idea!