Sunday, January 11, 2009


I am tired! Tired of the wait! Tired of not knowing if we will have a little girl or boy...Im NESTING and I NEED TO DECORATE...but I gotta wait...and I am tired!

Sorry I just gotta be honest! Its so hard waiting...I mean I see that precious baby in my thoughts and I am so ready for it to be a reality! I want to touch those cute cheeks and kiss those sweet toes! Im never gonna stop kissing this child...even when they are 30 I might still be kissing toes (I will be a weird mom)!!!

The nesting has taken over my family and I think my sweet hubby is getting tired of me nesting! He has moved EVERY piece of furniture this week...I gotta get the house READY!!!! He is such a trooper.

Life is so good the way it is right now...but we all feel like something is MISSING!!! We are tired...we are ready!!!!

Lord your timing is perfect! Even though I am TIRED I know you will continue to give me the strength to WAIT on you...Im waiting...come to our rescue!

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Molly said...

Thank you for being so honest.

God loves for us to plead with Him, lay our lives at His feet and watch Him move.

Hang in there momma, I know how hard it is...I am so sorry. A lady stopped us at the museum yesterday because she saw Sadie and was sure she was from Ethiopia. She is waiting on her little girl. I wanted to let her hold Sadie because I know that ache...of seeing a baby that you long for.

I will be praying for you. Keep at His side. May you be covered in His dust as you walk behind Him in this so that everyone can see what He has done in your life...not what you have done.