Friday, January 23, 2009

Refine Me as I Pursue You...

This is my prayer! That the Lord of all creation would REFINE me as I PURSUE Him. I don't want to be the same as when we started this journey. I want my life, my purpose, my desires, my be more clear and completely connected with Jesus. I want him to mold me into the woman that he has created me to be. I want to love deeper and live more passionately.

Adoption does crazy things to your soul. I didn't think it would break and tear down as much as it has. Some of things I have had to say YES to or NO to...have been painful...but I am simply trusting that God has HIS best interest in mind.


I love you Jesus!


Molly said...

Okay, it's your stalker here...

I love this post! When I have woman that are contemplating adoption, I always tell them to just sit back and watch God bless their socks off. I am sure you would say the same, even when you don't know the outcomes just yet.

It is quite incredible how adoption is so much more than we see it to be initially. It breaks us of so many things we never should have clung to in the first place.

I'll say it again...I wish everyone would adopt so that they could experience this. I know we all have our own journeys, but there is something to say about the fact that we are called to adoption as Christians.

Love you sweet girl...thank you for sharing your heart!

Tiffany said...

Yes, my friend Adoption does bring out emoitions that you never thought you had. But the blessings and the journey is all worth it. I understand where you are at. Just keep believing who your God is!! Love you and think of you often on this journey.

Anonymous said...

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