Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh YES I will park here!!!!!

Last week Jason and I were out doing some Christmas shopping. We had to go to Toys R Us and of course it was a mad house. All the parking spots were full EXCEPT for the two parking spots up front that say "STORK PARKING/ EXPECTANT MOTHERS." I told Jason to park there and he said, "Linds, you aren't expecting...that would be wrong." OH BULL...I am too expecting...I have been expecting for THREE very LONG years...but officially PREGNANT for OVER A YEAR...HECK YES I AM EXPECTING!!!! Since he was driving and he is the boss of our family (I wish I would have been driving) we did NOT park in the "Expectant Mothers" parking spot.

And my heart ached SO BAD...I am I am not physically growing a human in my tummy but I have been developing a love for a child for so long that there are days I FEEL PHYSICALLY PREGNANT...and I think I should be able to park in the "EM" parking SPOT...and I WILL when I go back in a couple of weeks to order our NEW baby bed. I will park there and I will park there WITH NO shame. And if you don't think its "right" for me to park there, well then don't leave a comment on my blog! Cause I WILL park there...and I WILL TAKE A PICTURE!!!! I AM EXPECTING...I am expecting God to DELIVER (haha...totally intended that pun) what HE has promised...and HE asked us to adopt...OH YES...I AM EXPECTING!!!!!
(You must read the last paragraph of this post with some humor...and HORMONES!!!!)
Love you all!


Keith and Laneigh said...

You have such a gift for writing. I enjoy your blog. Praying that your precious baby arrives soon.

Molly said...

I love it! I have thought that same darn thing when I go there, knowing that we are were waiting.

I sent you a peice of flair on fb that said, "Paper pregnant"!

I have to agree about the physically pain of waiting. I had not experienced it yet until we were waiting for number 3. How odd is that? But I felt the strongest physical ache in my heart. I truly believe God put it there to remind me to pray for Mommy G (who I didn't know at the time) and for sweet Sadie. God is good. Park where you want, you are expecting. I just always giggle in happiness that my butt doesn't hurt (or grow) and that I am not waddling like other expectant moms!

elisa said...

I LOVE this Linds! I want to start taking those monthly side profile pictures showing my belling saying "waiting 6 months", etc.! Brandon thinks I"m crazy, but hey, I'm expecting too!

Tidden Tales said...

I love it! You are expecting, so when you go back there and park in that spot, I wish I could be there for the one person that dares questions why you parked there! As always we are praying for your child!