Friday, December 26, 2008

No Card!!!

Last Christmas I remember being so excited about THIS CHRISTMAS. I just knew we would already have our baby home with us. So, although I have enjoyed this Christmas with my family...I have to tell you there has been a bitter sweet feeling this season. I wanted to celebrate Nat(i)e's first Christmas this year...I wanted to have a sweet bundle of JOY wrapped in my arms but unfortunately that hasn't happened. YET!!!!

Last year...well I didn't do a Christmas card because I was so excited to send out birth announcements and I am cheap so I didn't want to spend the money on postage for Christmas cards AND Birth Announcements...well I did the same this year! Friends are probably wondering...but I AM SAVING MY POSTAGE FOR BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS! So weird...but I just can't put "The Gerdes Family" on the Christmas Card...we are missing someone for the picture. I cant wait for that day...can you even imagine that sweet little coco love bug next to the sweet little vanilla 4 year old we already have. What an adorable picture that will be!!!

All I wanted for Christmas was a healthy baby...maybe my Christmas will come later!!!

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Molly said...

You don't have to send me a card or announcement just promise you will keep me updated with pictures of that sweet baby when he/she gets here!

I cannot wait to read of the good news on your blog one day! Still praying for your sweet family!