Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweet Love

Oh Precious Child,
My heart is longing to see your face. I cant even begin to explain how this journey has changed me, I wouldn't trade it for the world. But my heart is at the point where it needs a miracle! I am praying today that your precious birth mom would go to New Life, meet with the sweet ladies there, and if adoption is her option...that she would see our profile and desire to place you in our home. Oh sweet child, we are ready for you.

I cant believe we have been waiting this long to see your face...you must be a blessing, a blessing I could have never imagined. I'm ready to see your toes and fingers. I'm ready to see your precious eyes and little nose. I'm ready to show you off to all the wonderful people who have been praying diligently for you...for so long! There is a saying...It takes a village to raise a child...well God has blessed us with the most amazing "village." They are all so ready to love on you and show you that you BELONG here!!! I cant wait to see their faces when they see the child they have been praying for...what a glorious day that will be.

I feel like I have prayed EVERY prayers imaginable for you...health, quick bonding, your birth mom and all the emotions she will feel, that you will feel loved, for Jackson to be an amazing big brother....oh how the list goes on and on!

Here lately...our prayer has been...bring our child home quickly, Lord. We want you to become a Gerdes and know the power of Christ's Love! Adoption SAVED the World....its the most powerful act of Love that any man has ever shown. We feel such an honor and privilege to make you our own through adoption. You are OUR child, you will be loved as if I gave birth to you. You don't EVER have to wonder if we are passionate about you...we are! You don't ever have to wonder if we will provide for you...we will! You don't ever have to wonder if we love you...we do! FOREVER!!!!

You were created with a purpose! And you were created for our family. What an amazing gift!

We will always be thankful for your precious birth mom...she chose life! We will love her and pray for her daily. She is a gift to our family. My prayer is that we will have an amazing relationship with her.

Sweet love, we are ready to see you! Please come home soon! My heart is heavy today...I'm ready to meet you! You are loved so much by your forever family!


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Molly said...

Well, how in the world did I miss this one???

Linds, this is an incredible letter of love that your baby will treasure forever. You must print it and put it in their life box.

Thanks for sharing your incredible heart and love for this child!