Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Jacks!!!

This blog has mainly been about our adoption! Well...we also have another Chosen Treasure in our family...our 5 year old Jackson! The most precious little 5 year old!!!!

I wanted to share some crazy things he has said lately.....

  • We are trying to get him to stop sucking his thumb....not fun! He has a blankie...and if he has his blankie then he will suck his thumb. Jason hid the blankie and then went to California for a conference. Jackson and I were laying in bed one night and he said..."Here's the deal, if dad doesn't give me my blankie back he will have a choice, either I will call the police and he will go to jail, or he can go to time out, or he will get a spanking." I was laughing so hard!!!! But he was SO serious!!!!!

  • The other day we were driving home from church and I asked him if he would snuggle with me while we watched the movie Bolt. In a very serious voice he said...."mom, not today, I will snuggle with you tomorrow when I get home from school." This might not be funny to some...but my child is a PLANNER. Ive joked that he needs a Franklin Covey planner...he gets this planning quality from his wonderful mother :) But I have ruined him....he now has to schedule me in!!!! UH!!!!!!

  • Monday I was getting him ready for school. We were running late cause we all slept in :) I was telling him over and over again...come on Jacks, HURRY up!!! Hurry!!!! He said "Mom, don't panic...I will be ready!" Its the way he says these things...its SO funny. Jason and I just look at each other and try to hold in the laughter!

We love love love this little boy! He is the apple of our eye and he keeps us rolling at all times!

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