Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Cat on the Prowl....

...yep thats what I feel like! I feel like a momma cat....just waiting to give birth. We had a cat growing up, her name was Callie. Sweet cat...but she got pregnant ALL THE TIME!!!! As soon as she would pop out one litter she was already prego with another one. A Skanky cat :)

Okay so I am not calling myself a skanky cat....but Callie would roam around the house the week prior to her giving birth...and she just couldn't get settled. She would lay down for a bit and then walk around, scratch stuff, bathe herself...she just COULDN'T BE STILL. And btw that cat ALWAYS had her kittens in MY CLOSET.

***I promise this post has a point!

I can NOT get settled! The moment I lay down I think of one more thing to add to my "before we get the call" list. I'm telling you...I think I might be going looney!!!!

And its the little things...that don't really matter that have me all in a tizzy! I'm driving myself crazy...and my poor hubby!

Tonight I had a freak out because our shrubs in front of our house are TOO tall...who cares...well obviously I did...UH!!!!

I know life doesn't STOP once we get a baby...but I want to have things all in order (as much as I can).

I'm just saying...if your husband isn't busy this weekend...well send him over to my house to help my husband with the honey do list. This list is getting longer and longer...cause I am a CAT ON THE PROWL!!!

***Maybe this post doesnt have a point!!! But I just had to get it off my chest!!!!

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katiehaugland said...

my mom tried to have kids until she was 30 - she thought that she must not be able to so that's when they decided to adopt - i was born may 10th and my coming home day was aug 17th - well surprise! she could have kids and EXACTLY one year later aug 17th karla was born - just wanted to share - when you are least expecting... praying for you!