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A Post from September

Saturday, September 15, 2007 (I posted this on my personal blog but wanted to post it on our adoption blog!)

Happy Fall Y’allWe hope this fall season is going great for you and your family. Our family loves fall and all the change of colors it brings. As we start our journey this season we can’t wait to share something with you God has put deep within our hearts.

Over the last several years God has put a desire within our family to “add” to the Gerdes clan. Through prayer we realized this “addition” would not be a biological birth but a birth from the heart. YES…we are adopting and we are so thrilled we can barely contain ourselves!

We are so thankful for this opportunity and we can’t wait to see God bless this desire. We are asking our friends and family to come alongside us during this adoption journey and pray for the process and the child that God has hand-picked for us! I have chills just thinking that God already knows the exact child who will be placed with us! I love God’s creative conception…don’t you?

Here are some areas that we would love for you to pray over:

1. The financial side of the adoption. We are trusting God to provide in this area! ***God provided in this area before we even had our 2nd visit with the adoption agency!

2. We are hoping to adopt a bi-racial little boy or girl. Nathan (boy) or Natalie (girl)

3. For Nat(i)e's birth mother. That she would be taking care of herself during her pregnancy.

4. For Nat(i)e to be born healthy and continue to be healthy.

5. For the adoption process to go smoothly.

6. For our agency, New Life Adoption Agency. That they would place us with the child that God has designed for us.

7. For the transition once we bring Nat(i)e home.

8. For Jackson! To be the greatest big brother ever!

9. For Jason and I as we learn to parent two children and provide for them!

10. For Nat(i)e’s spiritual journey! That God would use him/her in an amazing way to reach the lost!

We count it a joy to have friends and family who are passionate about following Christ! We truly believe we are following after the purpose God has set forth for us. Please join with us as we travel on this adoption journey! There will be ups and downs, and we are trying to prepare ourselves, but I know that if you join us in prayer and petition this journey will be filled with miracles and joyful moments!

Thank You so much and we love you dearly!

Jason, Lindsey, and Jackson Gerdes

***Keep coming back to my blog for updates!

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