Tuesday, October 13, 2009

20 Months...20 Things

1. Adoption is the most beautiful journey I have ever been on.
2. My feelings towards birthmom's have completely changed...they are precious women who deserve love and encouragement. That are choosing life for their child.
3. Not everyone will understand WHY you are adopting...not everyone will be supportive...try to explain but if they don't get it...move on!
4. Sometimes it takes longer for family members to come around in being supportive...but after 20 months of waiting..I'm pretty sure everyone is supportive and just VERY VERY READY!
5. Your husband wont ALWAYS understand your motherly feelings...try to be calm and explain why you feel the way you feel :)
6. "Its all in God's timing" is the phrase people use when they have nothing else to say...I would rather them say..."I know this is hard and I want you to know I am praying." Its not to say that "Its all in God's timing" isn't true...it IS!!! But that cant be our standard answer for everything difficult.
7. Blesses my heart when people call and pray with me over the phone...you KNOW who you are!
8. When my element girls call or text me...that makes my heart leap for joy cause they are getting to learn about adoption and the impact it has...and they are only in High School. My prayer is that they will ALL adopt one day!
9. Ive never desired something so deeply.
10. Baby stores are hard to go into.
11. Race shouldn't be an issue!
12. I have met people along this journey who are priceless to me.
13. My relationship with the Lord is the only way I make it daily.
14. Every day I have to pursue GOD first...its not easy but SO rewarding.
15. Failed adoptions HURT.
16. New Life Pregnancy Center...understands adoptive families and birthmoms...they LOVE both!
17. Waiting for so long has made me LOVE this child more than you could POSSIBLY imagine.
18. This child is OUR CHILD...just because we are adopting doesn't mean that he/she is not our CHILD...adoption is just another way to add to your family.
19. The day we have our child in our arms...everything will be worth it.
20. Adoption is the toughest journey I have ever been on.

Happy 20 MONTHS...whew!


neely said...

L- you are a such a godly woman...i really wish we were so much closer to each other. praying for your journey!

Molly said...

Linds! This is beautiful and perfect. Such wonderful thoughts and an incredible tribute for your child!

Happy 20 months! Praying for you sweet friend!

AmesPayne said...

Love it!!!! Can't wait for the day when God drops that bundle of joy into our family!!! I love u!!!

Cindy Foote said...

Girl, it has been too long since we last chatted, but I want you to know I am proud of you for hanging in there! Surely there is an extra jewel in your heavenly crown for endurance alone! You rock! And God IS going to deliver your hearts desire. He is faithful and true. Our God can be counted on! Love you -Cindy

Aly said...

Wow, I loved reading this. I was thinking, "yes!" "amen!" "oh, that's so true!" "definitely!" the WHoLE time!

Thanks for sharing this... <3 you!