Sunday, September 13, 2009

19 months!!!

Cant even believe that we have been waiting 19 months on baby to come home. Seems crazy...hello babies need homes...and HELLO...we have a home :)

I'm honestly heart was filled to the brim today with our element students so I didn't even think about it being our 19 month of waiting day...until I got home and was sitting in quiet.

Transformation has taken place in my heart...adoption has become so precious to me...birthmom's have become precious to me! Birthmoms deserve so much love and support...I want to share something that happened to me the other day.

I was getting a much needed pedicure and I was talking with the nail tech about Jackson...she asked me if I had any other children. I said yes...but we we were just waiting to be matched with a birthmom. She looked at me and said..."oh y'all are adopting...don't you think most birthmoms are hookers?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME...seriously have no idea what you just said...and who you just said it to...I was so MAD!!! But I calmly that's a myth...birthmoms are brave and courageous...they are giving LIFE!!! I wanted to cry...but I just sat there and begged the Lord to change people's views on birthmoms. I sat there broken hearted for our precious birthmom whom I will always matter the situation...she is giving us a child...a life...and I will wait another 19 months if I need to just to receive the blessing that I know the Lord has created for our family. God doesn't make mistakes!!

19 months seems ridiculous to have to wait for a child...but we are NOT waiting on just any child...we are waiting on the child that God formed and created for us...and his ways are perfect.

So changing 19 months to the Gerdes Family :)


Molly said...

Whoa Linds. That comment just breaks my heart, but is honestly something we have to battle all of the time. People just don't get it. And honestly, when people say comments like that it gives me just a glimpse of the judgemental life that they live. To have that thought is horrible, but then to speak it to someone who is obviously telling them they are journeying through adoption is simply awful. Bless you for being prayerful as you responded. Just think about how much you made her think that day about what she said.

I am so proud of you. I am so proud of your family. This time is trying, but I have never seen anyone walk through it as graceful as you two are. Wish I knew you better, but I am so blessed to even know you this much. Thank God for blogs!

elisa said...

Lindsey, I'm sure God was using you to give that lady another perspective. You may never know all the seeds you plant on your journey and I admire you for that! I can't wait to one day have that baby next to mine and be able to say, those babies were prayed into our lives. That will definetly be a kodak moment!

Katie Haugland said...

Lindsey you are such an inspiration thank you for sharing that story! love you, Katie