Monday, August 10, 2009

My Heros!

Have you ever met a family and walked away and thought..."WOW...I want to be just like them??"

Well I have known the Jackson Family for a little over 5 years and every time I talk with any of them...I just wish they would adopt me too.

They have taken in over 13 children over the years, officially adopted 2, working on adopting three others (who are living with them), have one biological child...and started doing this after only being married for one the age of 22.

I LOVE THIS FAMILY...I love Billy and Clydene (the parents) and I love their kids!!! All the kids know that Mrs Lindsey wants to steal them...but they LOVE where they are...they LOVE their Family. They are crowed in to a 3 bedroom house and I hear NO complaining. They are content with where they are!!!

Last week we found out that Extreme Makeover Home Edition is coming to South Texas. We emailed everyone and their dog for a nomination letter (the deadline was Aug 7th) we are just praying that the Lord would show favor and that the Jackson's would get picked.

Although for the most part the Jackson's Home is FULL of joy, several weeks ago they experienced a HUGE loss when their 18month old drowned in a pool...complete devastation. They are still mourning the lost of Baby Howlis but even still Clydene told me the other day "Lindsey I am not stopping." They want to take in any child that needs a home...and I believe they will. But they need MORE space!!!!

Will you please pray for the Jackson Family...pray that the Lord would grant them their request with this new home. And if for some reason he doesn't...well the people in South Texas...we need to step up to the plate and we need to make something happen for this family. This is our chance as a community to really help the hurting and those who pour their lives into children who need a mommy and daddy!

I LOVE THIS heart is overjoyed when I get to hang with them. They probably think I am crazy...this white girl that always wants to hug and take the kids!!! But my family genuinely LOVES every one of the Jackson's!!! They are FUN, loving, joyful and they LOVE Jesus!!! They are just easy to be around...they are a blessing to know.


Molly said...

Well, girl. This makes me wonder even more. Hmmm? You know, about what I messaged earlier. Am I crazy?

What a precious family. I want to be like them. I pray that God will move in more families to be just like them. Why in the world has the church not felt more called to orphan care? This just gets my heart a going and I am so grateful for families like these that have stepped up to the plate. May God bless them beyond measure!

And Linds...thanks for loving me and my weird thoughts. How blessed you are to know the Jacksons and for you to pour so much love onto their children. Next, in our state you can only take in 6 kids through foster care. Can you ask them if they know what your state law is? It seems it's different than ours!

Sorry for rambling!

Canadian Bird said...

What an awesome blog entry, Lindsey! I hope you sent a link to your blog when you emailed Extreme Makeover. If I'd have seen it then, I would have just referred them to YOUR blog rather than write the letter I did. :)
I'm praying they GET that home makeover!!!
You have such a huge heart, Lindsey... I pray that your home is filled to overflowing someday too ~ :)