Monday, February 16, 2009

I need HELP nesting!!!

If my husband reads this post...which I know he will...but he never leaves a comment (babe leave a comment)...he will wonder WHY the title is I NEED HELP NESTING. He will laugh out loud when he sees that...cause he will think to himself...she doesn't need ANY help nesting cause she is DRIVING ME CRAZY nesting.

But I need your help...all TWO of my blog readers :) Molly, you have already helped so much...but give me some more tips if you have them.

I want to be PROACTIVE during this waiting time, I don't have control of my due date but I can DO alot until my DATE arrives. With Jackson...well I was HUGE and in pain so I didn't do much nesting...but with this baby...well I might turn into a Mommy Bird I am nesting SO MUCH :)

So for those of you out there reading this...what should I be doing right now. One question I have is for decorating the nursery...right now its decorated in neutral colors, thank you Karen for letting me borrow all your bedding. Cause if its a boy I want to use all of Jackson's stuff...thank you Nanny. And if its a girl well hello...PINK! So I guess its not really a question but what happens if we get a call and ITS a girl and the birthmom just had the baby...okay well...I WILL HAVE TO HAVE MY FRIENDS come over RIGHT AWAY and decorate the nursery. ( I know this isn't a HUGE deal but it is something I think about so cut me some slack. I know to the "normal/ non adopting/ non pregnant woman" that these thoughts that I am having will seem ludicrous on EVERY level....sorry Charlie!)

****Okay so I am finishing this post on Monday Night...started it on Monday Morning.
I went to Target and bought diapers...I felt so mommy like buying diapers! Its been 2 1/2 years since I bought diapers...and 5 years since I bought NEWBORN diapers. I've decided that every time I go to the grocery store I am going to by diapers.

Alright...give me some more pointers...what else should I be doing??

Oh yeah, I cleaned the pantry last Thursday...and I want to clean the base boards asap! I also am in the process of shampooing our carpets and our living room furniture. Whew!


Molly said...

Have you read Twenty Things by Sherrie Eldridge? It's incredible and I highly suggest it. There's nothing better to do than read right now because you're not going to have time after baby arrives! Research adoption baby books. You don't want a normal baby book, I promise! If you can find a good neutral one then order it, otherwise pick one online and mark it as a favorite so that Jason or someone can easily order it after baby arrives. Read parenting books, or reread them if you did with Jackson. My kids are only 15m and 22 m apart and I was suprised by all I forgot in between them! Make a gift for bmom for the hospital just in case you do get to see her, meet her. You can get way creative on this or just make something simple. Make a collection of adoption childrens books for the baby to read over the years, there are tons out there so it will be fun to choose some to help your child understand their adoption. Find a life box. I am not sure if your agency talked about this, but it's a safe place that the child can go when they get older (4 or 5) to look through all of their personal stuff regarding their birth/placement. I put special pictures of finalization day, notes from bmom, pictures of bfamily, etc. This boxes can be hard to find so now would be a great time to look~

If you get really desperate, start collecting cards for the bmom that you can use over the months to send pictures through the agency. Cards for bmoms are hard to find and pick out, so this could be a good time to really choose some neat cards and just make a stash of them for later.

Okay, this is all that comes to mind. I can't remember what I have said in the past, but I am hoping that some of this is new and will keep your mind focused on this sweet baby!

Molly said...

OMGosh, sorry to be the stalker...but I thought of more things in the shower this morning. Let's see if I can remember them all?

If you are certain that this babe will be cocoa you might start finding children's books with black kiddos. The boys love seeing kids in the book and claiming which one they are.

On the same note, you can get some cool dolls that are black or brown. There's a link on my blog to a great site for these dolls.

Another great read, "I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla" I can't remember the author, but it's a must for transracial parenting (in my opinion).

For decoration for the nursery, regardless of sex...I used Anne Geddes pics and framed them in chunky black frames. She has lots of pictures of different races and they are classy looking pics. I loved for the boys to get to see people that looked like them daily, even if just in pictures. To do this I used a calendar of hers and cut out and matted the pictures. It took lots of time and was fairly cheap. And I did gender neutral rooms using black, red and khaki.

Okay, I will stop now!

Molly said...
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Anonymous said...

One thing I love to do anytime is find something old either from your family or the thrift store and fix it up. I'm going to fix up my little brother's old beat up high-chair for our baby. I think it's fun to make something old and crappy useful again!

crissy #1 mommy said...

Sounds like you are on a nesting roll! Our baby is due March 13, via c-section :(, so I have been nesting too. It sounds like you are doing similar things that I am. Another thing I did was bought paint and touched up the entire inside of the house. I have done this before but unfortunately this time the paint was not an exact match so I have created a lot more work for myself!

:-) Christina

Jason Gerdes said...

Hey Babe,
I know that you need help nesting cause you keep asking for it, haha. But I also know that there are things that you need help with that I cannot provide and I am so glad that you are finding help from great ladies that have been here before. I thought of you this morning when I was working out as I was listening to the song "You'll Come" by Hillsong. There was one line that said I will wait for you and my mind immediately thought of you. I just want to encourage you that you are not waiting for the baby but for God to move. Our hope is not in a new baby but in God to do something. It is such a small difference in thinking but huge changes in outcome. At the "after of our life" we will not be a mommy or a daddy we will simply be a child of God with everyone else including our own children and I want you to fix your eyes on that and not the wait. Fix your eyes on Jesus and not on the wait. Sometimes I know we get our "I"s in the wrong place and put ourself in the place that only He, the real "I" am, should go. I know you want this baby soo bad and I love you for that but know deeply that you can find satisfaction in Him when He is the subject of what we are waiting for and not anything else. We have to learn this deeply now so that we can teach it to our children, including those we are waiting for. I love you more than I love myself.