Saturday, February 14, 2009

All I want...

...Is for my cell phone to ring and to hear Sara or Cindy say..."Lindsey, y'all have been chosen by a birthmom."

I mean really...that doesn't seem so hard, RIGHT. Well for the last year I have wanted that EVERYDAY. And hasn't happen.

For those of you who have WAITED for your sweet baby...some days are wonderful and you totally "get" the wait...and some days you want to throw something. Its weird...One day I am fine, the next day I want to cry, then the next day I am totally fine, then the next day I want to THROW something.

And it seems right now EVERYONE is pregnant...well I am too but I just don't have a DUE DATE!!! And I don't have morning HA!!! Just joking...I do have heart sickness! Everyday I long to hold that sweet baby...I mean my heart aches for that precious child. So I am learning everyday I ache to LEAN on HIM...believe me I am LEARNING and LEANING!!!

Today, Valentine's Day, well the best gift ever could have been a sweet little baby in my arms...instead...I nested like crazy! It was fun! Jackson and Jason are getting a little tired of my projects...but like I said...we don't have a due date, so I gotta be ready EVERYDAY!!!!

I still need to get the baby stuff down out of the attic...stroller, pack-n-play, car seat, swing, bouncer....I need to wash it all and have it READY for the day we get the CALL.

Tonight we went to our neighbors house for a Couples Valentine Party...they said I MUST put a sign out in the front yard once we get the CALL...UH YEAH...Heck yes I will! Every one will know!!!

All I to have this adoption have some light shine on it! I am ready!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey! I enjoyed reading your post... I hope it happens soon! It'll be a wonderful story to share with the special baby you finally get how much you couldn't wait to love them!

Molly said...

I know I say this a million times, but I KNOW! I hated the way my emotions would fluctuate and I could just turn on a dime from totally cool to weepy. I totally understand that physical heart ache. I also remember getting mad at myself that I was sad when I should be just enjoying my precious boys. You know God was like, "Come on Molly! Cheer up, I've got it all covered!"

I am praying for you sweet friend. And, plesae do everything NOW, everything...even those things you think can wait. Get your albums up to date, get your stuff down and washed, buy diapers and sterilize your bottles. You just never know and if it still isn't happening those things will literally bring you to your knees when you see them and they will remind you to constantly seek Him in this.

Love you!