Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adoption & Coaching through my DADs eyes!

My dad has been a coach for my WHOLE LIFE and he recently retired. He now works for a company called ProMaxima and part of his job is to encourage around 4,000 coaches monthly. Here is an email he sent out this week...he shared our story of adoption! We could have NEVER walked this journey of adoption if we our families weren't SO supportive. Thank you Gaddis' and Gerdes'! Love you all!

This past Friday I witnessed a life changing experience......
here's the story:

When my daughter was in junior high.....each night, before going to bed, she requested that our family adopt a baby. We had our hands full with the two we had and told her one day when she was old enough she could do that.

Her passion and dream for that to happen came true last year. Lindsey and her husband Jason waited 18 months and, finally, on December 5, 2009 Natalie Grace was born. What a blessing she has been this past year. The adoption process was finalized in court last week. I was not fired up about driving 4 hours for a five minute ceremony (just did what my wife told me to do).

Boy, am I thankful I did not miss out on this life changing event. As I sat in the courtroom waiting for our turn, tears filled my eyes, as I witnessed other families' dreams coming true. As I watched, I began to relate this with what we do as coaches. We have the opportunity to make life changing experiences for athletes we come in contact with each day. As you already know you are looked upon as a father, leader, and a role model for most of your kids. Thanks for all you do as a COACH!

Here is an email I received from a player who
I coached 18 years ago:

"What a difference my athletic experiences in high school taught me about life. I am pretty sure my class had the greatest coaching staff ever assembled (had them brain washed) to help us grow as athletes, team members, leaders, but mostly men. I look back on those days as the best of my life. I miss it something terrible. I hope all you coaches know how much y'all helped us grow."

Have a great Christmas break and NEVER GIVE UP on making life changing experiences each day for your athletes.

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gatorgirl2488 said...

I have tears in my eyes! It truly is the "little" things we do that have the biggest impact! I'm so glad that God allowed the Gerdes' AND the Gaddis' family to be part of my life! We had to attend an Adoption Seminar as part of our school this term and the whole time I thought about you guys and Natalie. This past weekend I learned that I'm gong to get to be an Aunt again through the adoption process! Love ya!