Saturday, June 13, 2009

To Our Love....

Dear Little One,

You are precious to us. Your daddy and I cant stop thinking, praying, and talking about you. I can't believe that 16 months ago today we went on the "official" waiting list...but the summer of 2005 is when your daddy and I started praying about adoption and how it would look like in our family.

You have been desired for such a long time...our hearts ache to see your face and kiss those sweet little hands.

One of my biggest prayers is that you would know we are your forever family and that we love you with a very powerful love. Also, I pray for your salvation...I want you to experience Jesus' love early on in your life.

I know that they day we see you will be worth the wait. The day you become a Gerdes will be a sweet child...I hope you come soon. Our prayer is that your precious birthmom would go to New Life...(today)...we are ready to have you here with us.

We just want you to know...we love you dearly. So does your big brother...he cant wait for you to make your arrival.

Please, some day soon!

I love you baby,

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